• A Woman's Journey

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    This movie tells the story of several women's journey through life and how the power of Christ is able to restore and sustain. From abuse, to brokeness, to success, and redemption. This movie talks about many of life's challenges and provides an answer for those who are searching. Featuring Kezia...

  • False Prophet

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    There's Nothing new under the sun, including false prophets. What is often seen as a new thing is many times a renewing of the old. This documentary details the dangers of false prophets and how we can tell the difference between the true and false. Hosted by James Alford.

  • The Light & The Darkness

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    There is an unseen battle that has been fought since the beginning of time. This documentary talks about the hidden war that humans face on a daily basis. It features commentary from Dick Leggatt with Derek Prince Ministries and Ivory Hopkins with Pilgrims Ministry. Discussions include spirituali...

  • The Light & The Darkness 2

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    Documentary highlighting the battle between evil and good in Africa. Christian leaders speak on their personal experiences and stories about the spiritual war they face on a daily basis. Film is a continuation of spiritual warfare movie series, The Light & The Darkness.